Factor correction batteries



The factor correction battery is a cabinet made up of numerous three-phased capacitor banks which are, depending on the power factor, automatically added or removed from the electrical network, thanks to contactors.

It provides different benefits, like:

  • The decrease of your EDF subscription costs
  • The deletion of EDF fines
  • An average return on investment in 18 months
  • The decrease of the installation’s joule losses
  • The deletion of oversizing in electrical installations
  • An increase in the installation’s available power
  • A decrease in voltage drops and power line losses

Thanks to our multi-brand expertise, we are able to offer you a large and varied range of factor correction batteries which meet your needs and expectations.


In order to guarantee the proper functioning of your equipment, we carry out the following services:

Accompaniment in your project

  • Study of your needs (site visits, environmental constraints, adapted installation)
  • A commercial offer
  • Supply and set up

Tracking your equipment via our maintenance contracts

INFO: Following the decrease in harmonic currents due to LED lighting and power supplies with PFC, the risks of overcompensating can lead to overheating or even fires starting.

Thus, it is important to have your equipment regularly checked and, during the installation of LED lighting, to inquire on the subject with your provider. They will recommend a network analysis if necessary.

  • Functional verification of equipment
  • Drafting a technical report
  • Maintenance

For any request, please contact us.