The battery is your emergency equipment’s key element in the event of power cuts or electrical disturbances, it must therefore be given the utmost attention.

During our maintenance visits, we carry out controls and tests in order to track its life cycle and advise you on optimizing its operation.

Our available battery selection ranges from “2 to 500 Ah” with different technologies:

Sealed vrla lead (valve-regulated lead and acid batteries):


  • Sealed battery without maintenance no distilled water added
  • Adapted high charging and discharging speed
  • High returns
  • Very low auto-discharge rate
  • Battery adapted to the standard autonomy inverter (UPS)


  • Batteries adapted to installations with frequent cycles
  • Renewable energy vehicles, disturbed environments

Pure Led

  • Battery with a wide operating temperature range
  • Adapted to hot/cold constraining environments

Ventes Battery:

  • Battery for applications with daily charge and discharge and strong inrush current
  • Long life cycle


In order to guarantee the proper functioning of your equipment, we carry out the following services:

Battery replacement and accompaniment in your project

  • Study of your needs (site visits, environmental constraints, adapted installation)
  • A commercial offer
  • Supply and set up

Tracking your equipment via our maintenance contracts

  • Functional verification of batteries and associated equipment
  • Drafting a technical report

For any request, please contact us..