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Advice, maintenance and supply of energy equipment for companies

SA3I has accompanied for more than 20 years Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, Facility Management services, companies from the industrial and tertiary industries, as well as the health and public service sector in the selection and maintenance of their electrical systems, from the simple to the highly complex.

Present all over France, the company takes action regarding all types of Inverters (UPS) and equipment related to managing, securing and supplying energy.

Inverters (UPS), accumulator batteries, central emergency lighting sources, chargers, rectifiers, reagent compensation batteries, BT processors…

All of our energy solutions are adapted to the needs required by your facilities.

Maintenance, troubleshooting & rental of inverters (UPS) and
electrical equipements

SA3I offers maintenance contracts according to your equipment’s power and its use. We provide complete support and the centralised supervision of your electrical facilities.

Site auditing, installing new inverters (UPS), replacing parts, the SA3I teams meet all of your precise needs, both in terms of prevention and troubleshooting.